3D Zombie Animation Made Lightning Fast And Easy, How?

Can you imagine zombies not being these sluggish mindless beings that are just wanting to rip you apart and eat you? Can you Imagine 3D zombie animation that has the zombie stuck in a loop, but not staggering around like a mindless easy to kill creature?

I’m thinking about 3D zombie animation that is very life-like and represents a everyday routine that most of us have.

How about a happy dancing zombie caught in a Loop, like my latest creation below:

Like loops of pushing shopping carts, or sitting on the computer, or typing on smart phones, messaging, or calling; or how about a delivery man always delivering the same package again and again, or somebody pushing a shopping cart around in circles?

I think when people become zombified they will get stuck in their everyday patterns and just keep repeating whatever they used to do most often in their lives. This would make a much more interesting and dynamic zombie horde don’t you think?

Can you Imagine an entire football team of zombies constantly trying to tackle regular uninfected citizens as they walk down the streets in a mob?

Can you imagine policeman trying to arrest everything in sight even though they no longer have handcuffs and they have run out of bullets?

Or a housewife zombie pushing people out of the way as she is rushing to a department store sale, repeating: going to the sale, got to get to the sale, to the sale, out of my way, saleā€¦

Or a gardener zombie running around with a sharp pair of hedge cutters trying to cut off everything in his path including other zombies heads?

I think this would be a more interesting kind of zombie character, because it would symbolize the routines we are all stuck in, in our daily lives, the ones that we so desperately want to leave. We, as a human race, are creatures that need change, as much as we need routine.

None of us should be stuck in a routine to the point of becoming incredibly unhappy, but unfortunately that is 90% of our lives, and making zombies that represent this kind of insanity would be an interesting angle for the whole genre don’t you think?

In fact, I am producing a movie right now that will approach this, and explore this idea of having zombies stuck in a pattern, in a loop, of which I call my zombies Loopers.

The great thing is is that I can easily create these kinds of 3D monster animations simply by using BVH files of common human activity, and translating them into the 3D zombie model, like a 3D animation creator.

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