A Virtual Reality Simulator Used To Grab Boobs Should Be Illegal, If Not Mocked

Oculus VR is bringing the dream of total alternative world immersion closer and closer. Their virtual reality simulator Crystal Cove can take us into 3D worlds that we make with computer graphics imaging. VR has huge potential for independent film makers.

Cinematic story has earned an important part in game play, but even VR games are not stories.

These worlds look real, and in one bizarre and disgusting Japanese game, feel real.

Yes, the: “I want to grab you boob” game, complete with life-like boob model simulator control has already been invented, unfortunately.

rift boob grab

This game should be illegal.

Apparently the subject of the game does not want to be touched. So is this a game to teach kids how to sexually assault girls?

What the hell?

This is just not right, no matter how you look at it. Games are not about story. Games are mathematical patterns that your brain desires to integrate into the mind.

Once the pattern is fully programmed into our brains, and thus, we beat the puzzle, so to speak, we get the greatest feeling of satisfaction.

Basically games teach us something. They are teachers. And any learning situation that is broken down into a game is the most enjoyable, as our minds are hungry to consume new patterns all the time.

The story element in games is just a bonus, or glue to hold the game together in between new patterns our brains must learn.

This dirty virtual reality simulator is teaching people the patterns of perverts, and sexual attackers.

Plus, how could any kid seriously have one of these in their bedroom?

Can you imagine how the kid would explain it to his mother: “I’m just going upstairs to relax and grab a bit of boob, is that alright mom?”

Oh my God!

I can’t even imagine the story that would go with this virtual reality simulator? Can you?

Scene one – empty street- night

Pervert is lurking behind some bushes. Young girl with large breasts comes walking past pervert, who lunges out a grabs young girls boobs.

Pervert laughs like a dirty old man, and runs back behind bushes.

Girl screams, and runs for help, emotionally and physically sacred for life!

HUD: 1000 points added for perfect boob grab! Great work Perv!

What possible achievements could the player get?

Achievement: The purple nipple ripper?

Achievement: The terminator:  your victim committed suicide!

Achievement: The dirty shadow: you have sexually assaulted 100 girls without getting arrested.

There is a cinematic story here, don’t get me wrong, but it is not a 3D art picture,  it’s one about the misuses of new and exciting technology that is meant to further our consciousness, not superimpose itself upon our most primitive patterns. Computer graphics imaging should not be used for teaching us crap like this, don’t you think?.

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