Create CGI Effects For The Indie In 3D Glory

It is a brave new and exciting world for Indie film makers! I am so excited about the new possibilities to create CGI effects for the indie in 3D that I have to show you what is possible right now on a very small budget indeed:


Using inexpensive intuitive, easy to learn 3D program packages like Carrara 8, and DAZ Studio 4, the sky is the limit! You can now compete with some of the biggest effects houses with a little bit of creativity.

This is true even more now that at DAZ 3D Props and Models you will find 3D characters in HD. This is a professional high definition format that does not need displacement maps to get incredibly accurate and deep detail in your CGI figures.

This is a new technology that was, until now, purely reserved for the Pros.

I took a couple of the none HD zombie figures, yet still strange 3D characters, and still I got same crazy good results! The video below was a quick test that could be greatly improved, but only took less than an hour to create, using DAZ studio and Final Cut Pro X to composite the CGI zombie characters onto the live action background plate:

Picture this UFO landing in this mysterious foggy forest with dust, leaves, and water flying about:

You could do this in Carrara. None of what you see above is real. Every part of the image above is CGI. This kind of  photo-realism is easy to get out of Carrara for your independent movies.

How about a mysterious gypsy scene where inside a strange and horrify sound can be heard, and then a light and bolt of energy comes fourth:

It’s all possible, and again this scene is completely CGI, all rendered on the computer, using Carrara.

I have to show you this 3D animation Software that makes it so easy to create professional renders for movie effects that will live forever in 3D:

Carrara 3D Express

This Carrara 8.5 Pro Review will show you more. Carrara can do it all. Specifically for movies you can:

1. Put togther live shots with 3D elements

2. Make your own CG models and figures

3. Make photo realistic CG movies

4. Build entire environments and landscapes

For movies you could create any crazy 3D character custom model, animate, and render it, and bring it to your background plate for live action compositing. The great thing about it is the intuitive tab style 1 2 3 step workflow, which takes you through the whole process in a logical easy to understand way. It is not impossible with these tools to create bullet style 3D musical video.

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