Free Online Film School Lesson Plan


Lesson 1 : Join The Revolution

Lesson 2 : Be Organized

Lesson 3 : The Film Crew

Lesson 4 : Camera Shots And Angles Basics

Lesson 4 continued

Lesson 5 : Lighting

Lesson 6 : Storytelling: Suspense

The Art Of Cinematic Storytelling

Lesson 7 : Storytelling: How To Know When A Story Is Worth Telling

Lesson 8 : Storytelling: How To Get Story Ideas And Kill Writers Block

Lesson 9 : Storytelling: The Secret Of How To Craft And Structure A Screenplay

Lesson 1o : Storytelling: A Closer Look At The Three Act Structure

Lesson 11 : Storytelling: Outlining, Planning, Knowing Your Screenplay

Lesson 12 : Storytelling: Writing a screenplay: Start Small Or Don’t Start At All

Lesson 13 : Storytelling: Rewriting Your Script

Lesson 14 : Storytelling: Characters, Who Are They, And What Do They Say

Lesson 15:  Storytelling: What Kind Of A Writer Are You

Lesson 16: Storytelling: To That End I Applaud

Lesson 17: Storytelling: But What Is Drama For Real

 Lesson 18: Storytelling: Time To Write A Full-Length Feature Film Screenplay

The Art Of Filmmaking

Lesson 19: Filmmaking: Baby Steps Lead To Giant Steps

Lesson 20: Filmmaking: Filmmaking 101

Lesson 21: Filmmaking: Directing Actors

Lesson 22: Filmmaking: The Film Gear You Will Need To Make A Movie

Lesson 23: Filmmaking: How To Sell Your Screenplay

Cinematography And Lighting

Lesson 24: Cinematography And Lighting: Introduction, The Study Of Light

Lesson 25:  Cinematography And Lighting: The Different Kinds Of Lights And Their Light Sources

Lesson 26: Cinematography And Lighting: The Three Point Lighting System

Lesson 27: Cinematography And Lighting: The Best Way To Learn How To Light A Movie

Lesson 28: Cinematography And Lighting: What Character Of Light Is Right For Your Movie

Lesson 29: Cinematography And Lighting: Time To Light The Movie Set

Lesson 30: Cinematography And Lighting: Lighting Interiors

Lesson 31: Cinematography and Lighting: Lighting Faces For Movies

 Lesson 32: Cinematography And Lighting: More On Beauty Lighting For The Silver Screen

Lesson 33: Cinematography and lighting: Location VS. Studio Shooting

Lesson 34: Cinematography And Lighting: Lighting And Working With Smoke

Lesson 35: Cinematography and lighting: Lighting For A Digital Camera

Digital Cinematography

 Lesson 36: Digital Cinematography: Best Advice From The Edit Department

 Lesson 37: Digital Cinematography: The Differences Between 2K And 4K Digital Cinema

Lesson 38: Digital Cinematography: The Benefits Of Shooting On a Digital Camera


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