Looking For Free 3D Animation For Your 3D GCI Characters? I Found it!

I found an incredible huge amount of free 3D animation, that would cost you a ton of money, for nothing.

Take a look at this video came character I imported into CryEngine using a DAZ Zombie mesh, and one of these free BVH files for the animation:

For this video I used one of the 2548 professionally motion captured files from the Carnegie-Mellon Graphics Lab Motion Capture Database.

In the beginning this data base was only meant for Motion Builder and Poser. Now they come in different formats like for 3D Max, but this page is for the DAZ BVH files.

The DAZ files will work with both 3rd and 4th gen figures like: Aiko 3, Victoria 3, Hiro 3, SP3, Michael 3, David 3, and Aiko 4, Victoria 4, SP4, etc. Sometimes it doesn’t hurt to try and adapt other generation models to these files, as it might be interesting what you come up with.

The important thing is to follow the tutorials as they show you how to get these cool animations up and running.

There are two video tutorials: – Tutorial part 1 – Tutorial part 2

They also have two DAZ friendly data base releases.

One has hip corrections, and the other does not. This collection of pro motion capture  free 3D animations covers everything from basic walking, jumping, climbing, hanging, running, sitting, or more specialized animations like carrying objects of certain weights. Combo animations for 2 figures is included too.

There is dancing, fighting, conversations, just to give you a taste. Here is a hand full of animations of the gigantic data base of thousands of available animations: To start off we are at the playground.

You get animations like forward jumps, turn around, climb, hang, swing, climb go under, climb sit, dangle legs, descend, climb sit, dangle legs, jump down.

I think having the basic movement of climbing to start each animation will open the door to mixing these animation for creating complex custom motions. There are lots of walks. Here are few examples: walk, run/jog.

Or there is animations like: jump, balance, and:  punch/strike, or: bend, over, scoop up, rise, lift arm.

There is action motions like: sword play Or it can get very technical with animations like carry 5.5lb suitcase, at different suitcase weights.

How about a stiff walk, or several different kicks? There is Feint Left Move Right, and Feint Right Move Left, or Fake Shot Break Right, Defensive Straight With Stop… you get the picture.

This is just a very tiny bit of one very large and amazing data base filled with so many great BVH files for free. Be sure you follow the directions and adjust foot rotations, but this is really excellent work, and I am grateful for it.

If you need DAZ Studio and 3 or 4 generation figures, or free 3D character models for your cool BVH 3D Animation Creator go here to DAZ 3D.

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