Short Films Shot On A DSLR And GoPro

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The River Mermaid was entirely shot on a GoPro Hero3 black edition. An awesome tiny and powerful camera!

Hell Rising: find your inner peace:

We who love movies must give thanks to the sun. This short film is my homage to the sun for making movies possible!

SUN is a conceptual montage of the subtle presence of the sun in our lives. SUN begins as an abstract montage, but soon the story of a day in the life of the sun is revealed. Soon it becomes obvious the subtle influence of the light, which gives life to all things and all activities, including cinematography.

SUN was shot on the 60D, Sigma 28mm 1.8 macro lens, 160 ISO, Standard factory settings. Color correction and editing done in Final Cut Pro X.

Read my 60d review at:

Evil Mermaid VS Foreign B Actor was shot on the 60D. I wanted to make it look and sound like an old kungfu movie. I had very little footage to work with, and thought it would be a great way to see if I could make something out of literally nothing. It was a lot of fun. You can watch it in full HD if you change the quality settings.

Evil Mermaid VS Foreign B Actor is a crazy, surreal tale of the little mermaid gone bad. This battle is an original, random, weird and dreamlike story of magic powers, evil mermaid teardrops, bad dubbing, censorship, insanity, and B acting.

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